About Me

I’m glad you found your way here. Thanks for visiting! My name’s Meiling, and my travel addiction is bad. We’re kindred spirits, I see. 🙂

I love to travel and I love to write, so why not combine the two? I’m based in Atlanta, and I’ve been adventuring and eating my way through different cities, states and countries since I was a toddler.

My first international trip was when I was not yet 1 year old. My parents brought me and my older sister to Paris so we could attend my uncle’s wedding. We picnicked on the grass beneath the Eiffel Tower before that hideous fence got built around it. We saw the “Mona Lisa” before it was framed in bullet-proof glass and roped off to Louvre-goers.

I was born with a carry-on suitcase in my hand and raised on summer road trips to Disney World and spring break trips to Vegas, sprinkled with trips to Laos and France every 10 years or so.

I’ll share with you my itineraries, tips & tricks, funny stories, scary moments, scenes that leave me awestruck and food that makes me feel inspired.

The world is so much bigger than we’ll ever know, and I’ll spend my life trying to explore every corner. So, come on, let’s go!